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Say Moa or Maggan to me
Artist | Student | Digital Art
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Name: Moa (You can call me Moa or moalisa or Maggan)
Age: 14 years old
Gender: Female
Pets: Two rabbits (The first one is Lisa and she's two years old and the second one is Mille he's One Year old and new to the family)
Living: Sweden
Birthday: 24 October
Favorite book series: Ginga,Warriors, and Survivors
Favorite Animals: I love all Animals

Backup Account: :iconmoalisaforever:

Awsome people i have meet in DeviantART

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Hello visitors or a watcher, I'm moalisa, You can say Moa or Maggan to me. I Draw most Dogs, but Cats sometimes and mabye other animals. Ask me anyting if you want and don't be afraid i won't bit you. Welcome to my page and i have only one rule here (Don't mess with me)

Finnish - Beginner 17/100
Japanese - Beginner 14/100
Swedish - Native 100/100
English - Intermediate 78/100

(And don't be mean to me !)

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You are beautiful by moalisa

SandFace walked through the woods, and she looked at the plants. She sat down and closed her eyes. She then opened them and looked at the stars. A Star came fast through the sky, and SandFace knew what it was. StarClan wanted her to go to an unknown place and she would find something there.

                                                                       SandFace's Destiny
SandFace woke up and she looked at the wall in her den. She viewed the herbs and then she went out. '' I have to talk to RedStar '' Thought SandFace. She walked slowly to RedStar's den and she saw that he was there. '' RedStar I need to talk to you '' said SandFace. RedStar nodded and SandFace sat down. '' A couple of days ago I saw someting ''Said SandFace soft. RedStar looked at her and he took his tail around his paws. '' StarClan told me to go to an unknown place and I would find something there '' said SandFace and then she looked at RedStar. '' Are you sure SandFace? '' Asked RedStar her. '' Have I ever been wrong RedStar? '' Said SandFace back.'' Never, but who will take care of BrackenPaw? '' Asked the RedStar her. '' WaterClan has three Medicine cats right now and I trust all of them '' said SandFace quickly. RedStar stood up and he looked at the wall. '' How can I trust the WaterClan? '' Asked RedStar in a growl. SandFace stood up and went to him. '' Remember that I am half WaterClan RedStar and i have to do this '' said SandFace. RedStar looked at her with his eyes. '' If StarClan said that you need to do this, you have to then '' said RedStar. '' I go there right away, and come back later '' said SandFace. RedStar nodded and SandFace went out of his he's den later. She went near the fresh kill pile before she heard her apprentice. ''SandFace, SandFace Look what I found '' Said BrackenPaw happy. SandFace sat down while BrackenPaw ran up to her. '' I have found catmint, is it good? ''Asked BrackenPaw her mentor. SandFace nodded and BrackenPaw sat down too. ''Go to the den, and leave the herbs there and then watch the elders if they feel bad or good'' said SandFace. '' What else? '' Asked BrackenPaw. SandFace took out the claws and took them into the ground. '' Take something from the fresh kill pile and then you can rest'' said SandFace. BrackenPaw nodded and she ran to the den. Before SandFace went to WaterClan she looked at her sister in the nursery. She walked slowly and she saw three kits ran out. '' SunKit, TallKit and FalconKit What are you doing? '' Asked a kit them. '' SweetKit come and play with us '' said TallKit happy. SweetKit ran out and they started to play. '' SpottedPelt can you get out? '' Asked SandFace her sister. SpottedPelt went out and she looked tired. '' Is something wrong? '' Asked SpottedPelt. SandFace shook her head and then she looked at SpottedPelt only. '' I have to go to  WaterClan '' said SandFace. '' Why? '' Asked SpottedPelt. '' For StarClan said I have to go to an unknown place and I would find something there '' said SandFace. '' When does WaterClan come in to the story then? '' Asked SpottedPelt. '' They have three cats medicine and somebody have continued BrackenPaw's Training while I'm gone'' said SandFace. '' May StarClan light your path sister and I know it's important  for you'' said SpottedPelt before she went to the nursery. SandFace looked at the camp and then she ran out of it. She ran through the forest and then she saw WaterClan's camp. She walked slowly and then she saw four cats. SandFace recognize all of them, and she went back a little.'' What are you doing here SandFace !! ?? '' Spat PatchTail. '' I want to talk to your leader '' said SandFace quiet. FireEar, SandHeart and SweetFace looked at her. '' We bring her with us '' said FireEar. '' What! '' Spat PatchTail. '' Be quiet PatchTail! '' Spat SandHeart. PatchTail looked away and he went home first. '' I apologize for his behavior '' said FireEar. '' I understand '' said SandFace soft. They went to the WaterClan's camp and SandFace saw it was pretty much water there. '' Not so used to this place, huh? '' So SweetFace. SandFace shook her head and then SweetFace and SandHeart left her. '' Go in there '' mumbled FireEar. SandFace smelled and she recognized AmyStar's smell. She walked in and she sat down. She waited a few minutes and then came AmyStar into her den. '' SandFace what do you want WaterClan? '' Asker She. SandFace breathed in and then out. She told the whole story to AmyStar and then she looked at the ground. '' FireEar, fetch the Medicine Cats '' said AmyStar. He nodded to her, and he ran to find them. '' I'll say one thing to you '' said AmyStar. SandFace looked at her and then she nodded. '' Unless you don't get home alive so can the the Medicine Cat I chose to stay in RastrClan '' said AmyStar. '' Thank AmyStar, I do not know what to say bu .. '' said SandFace before AmyStar stopped her. '' My warrior PatchFoot will accompany you so that you get food and someone who will protect you '' said AmyStar. '' PatchFoot, why him? '' Thought SandFace to herself. SandFace looked at cave opening and then she saw WaterClan's Medicine cats come in. FireEar came in and he was standing next to the CrimsonFoot. '' FireEar, fetch PatchFoot also '' said AmyStar. FireEar looked at her and then he went out. AmyStar told WildFur everything and then they whispered. '' SandFace is this true? '' Asked WildFur her. SandFace nodded and she looked at AmyStar later. '' CircleFace will come with you '' said AmyStar. CircleFace just looked at the SandFace and she whispered something in WildFur's ear. WildFur shook her head and then CircleFace looked at the ground. '' You wil be leaving as soon as PatchFoot is here. WildFur and CrimsonFoot nodded AmyStar and then they went out. CircleFace looked at AmyStar and then she looked away. '' Are you okay CircleFace? '' Asked SandFace her. CircleFace looked at  SandFace and then she nodded. While SandFace waited for PatchFoot so she began to wash her paw and then she pulled it over the ear. Sand ace smelled FireEar and his son. FireEar went into AmyStar's den with for PatchFoot and then he went out.PatchFoot sat beside AmyStarand then he looked at SandFace. '' So why did you take me here AmyStar? '' Asked he his aunt. AmyStar's whiskers twitched and then she looked at PatchFoot. She whispered something in his ear, and then he nodded. '' As you wish AmyStar '' replied PatchFoot. AmyStar stood up and then stood PatchFoot up. '' You three have to go now '' said AmyStar sharply. CircleFace nodded and she stood up. '' AmyStar, how can I thank you? '' Asked SandFace. AmyStar shook her head and SandFace just looked at her. '' The time will come and we shall see '' she replied. SandFace nodded, and then she stood up. AmyStar and PatchFoot was they first that went out and then I and CirlceFace went out. CircleFace and PatchFoot talked to each other while SandFace looked at them. '' Are you ready? '' Asked SandFace them. CircleFace nodded and PatchFoot nodded too, but slowly. PatchFoot said goodbye to his aunt and his parents and to the SandHeart too. PatchFoot, CircleFace and SandFace began to run to RastrClan's territory later. '' When are we there SandFace? '' Asked CircleFace her. '' Soon, '' replied SandFace without giving CircleFace a glance. SandFace was right because PatchFoot smelled RatstrClan's territory later. '' It smells just as bad as always '' said PatchFoot while he looked at SandFace. '' It might be you who stink '' growled SandFace low to PatchFoot. She ran past him and then she ran faster than them. The first cat SandFace saw was the deputy. '' SandFace, RedStar told me where you were and that worried me a bit '' said FireStripe. PatchFoot and CricleFace ran up to the SandFace and FireStripe looked at them. '' I know a medicine cat would be here, but what is he doing here? '' Asked the FireStripe while he pointed at PatchFoot with his tail. '' My leader sent me '' said PatchFoot. '' Fine, SandFace go to RedStar and take them with you '' said FireStripe before he went away. PatchFoot looked at SandFace and then he looked away. SandFace went first and then went CircleFace beside SandFace and PatchFoot went behind them. '' Do you think RedStar will accept me? '' Asked CircleFace SandFace while she was shaking. '' He is kind CircleFace do not worry too much'' Answered SandFace. RedStar went back and forth in his den. '' RedStar, I'm back '' said SandFace and then showed CircleFace herself too RedStar. SandFace told RedStar what AmyStar said to her and then PatchFoot showed himself. RedStar nodded, and then he went out. He jumped up on a cliff and he viewed SandFace and the two other cats. '' Lets all cats gather around the cliff that can hunt for themselves'' Said he loudly and clearly. SandFace looked at all the cats that came out of the dens. She looked at her sister FlowerTail who sat next to her mate. '' StarClan gave SandFace a quest and she should go right away, she went to the WaterClan and one of their Medicine cats followed her home and one of AmyStar's warriors came too, CircleFace is taking over BrackenPaw's training until SandFace and PatchFoot home again'' said RedStar high. '' What? Should she go now? '' Asked PatchFace shocked. '' I have to do this for RastrClan PatchFace, it might change things later on'' Said SandFace. SandFace heard the cats whispered in each other's ears, and then she took back her ears. '' SandFace, PatchFoot I hope you have a good trip '' Said FireStripe with a smile. '' I think the SandFace is right, Beacuse StarClan told her to do this and she must do it then '' Said SmallPelt. '' Then it's decided, SandFace and PatchFoot should begin the journey today and I do not want to hear anyone complaining '' said RedStar and then he jumped down. All the cats went back to their dens and some cats remained. FlowerTail walked up to her sister with HalfPart by her side. '' Good luck SandFace '' said FlowerTail and then she gave her sister a lick on the cheek. '' I Will '' said SandFace. '' FlowerTail you show CircleFace mine and BrackenPaws den? '' Asked SandFace her sister. '' Sure and we will see each other agian later'' said FlowerTail and she began to walk, CircleFace followed after her and HalfPart followed his mate. SpottedPelt looked at her sister and her kittens was sitting in front of her. '' BracenKit, SweetKit and DarkKit be nice while i'm gone, Okay?'' Asked SandFace them. '' We promise! '' Said SweetKit happily. SpottedPelt took her nose at BrackenKit's head and then he looked up at her. '' Promise me that you come home alive, SandFace '' said SpottedPelt. '' I promise that I come home without a single scar '' said SandFace and then she smiled at his sister. '' May StarClan light your path'' Whispered SpottedPelt to SandFace. SandFace nodded and then she and PatchFoot started to go out of RastrClan's territory. '' Where do we start? '' Asked PatchFoot her without looking. '' We start to go and then we run a bit '' said SandFace to him. '' How can you even stand the out with the smell in RastrClan? '' Asked PatchFoot with a strange look.'' Why do you smell strange then, that is why you have never seen how it is with us! '' Said SandFace angry. SandFace and PatchFoot ran later and made it far that day. PatchFoot sat down and he began to wash himself. '' Are you hungry, because I'm am hungry'' Said SandFace low. PatchFoot stopped to wash himself and then he went to the SandFace. '' I can hunt, I if you want me too'' said PatchFoot. '' For real? '' Asked SandFace surprised. He nodded and SandFace sat down. '' Wait here while i hunt, I do this because my leader said i had to come with you'' Said PatchFoot before he ran away. SandFace laid down and then she looked at PatchFoot who was running. '' He is right '' Thought SandFace to herself. SandFace waited a while and then came PatchFoot back with a fish in his mouth. SandFace sat up and she looked at PatchFoot when he put down the fish in front of her.'' Fish? '' Said SandFace.
'' Is there something wrong? '' Asked PatchFoot. SandFace shook her head and then PatchFoot sat down. '' Eat it first and then I'll take what's left '' said he. SandFace nodded and she started to eat the fish then. '' How can they eat this stuff? '' She thought to herself. When she finished, she gave the rest of the fish to the PatchFoot. He ate it quickly, and it did SandFace surprised. '' Shall we continue? '' He asked. SandFace nodded, and then she stood up. PatchFoot stood up by then too. They ran later again. Two days have past and they have not received anything yet. '' The Twolegs seems to have a good time these days'' said PatchFoot. '' Twolegs is only problem PatchFoot and every kit knows it since they are born '' said SandFace with a loud voice. SandFace went into a bush where she slept the night before and PatchFoot looked at her. '' I'll go and hunt a bit, so stay here '' said he. SanddFace took her head out of the bush and she looked at PatchFoot. '' Fishing do you mean? '' She said. '' Same '' he said, and then he went away. SandFace drew in her head and then she huddled together.
SandFace's Destiny
Follow SandFace and PatchFoot on a quest to find the unown place but they are going in to danger after every move. Will SandFace find the place and where she belong and who she belong with?
Mille, My new rabbit by moalisa
Mille, My new rabbit
Yes, You heard right, A new bunny, Lisa is alive and fine  but we got us another one.
Meet Mille, He is 1 year old and he is mixed breed.

Mille is new to the family and i hope he loves us later on.
Yep, On Monday I start school and it is the last year there and then it's high school for me. 

To all of my watchers who is starting school or a new school be not afraid, Be brave and strong, then you can handle it quickly.

Best wishes - :iconmoalisa:


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